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Lenka Schulze, Ph.D. in sunflower field

Lenka Schulze, Ph.D. is an Author, Educator, Intuologist, and Speaker.

Elevating humanity through wisdom and intuition.

One of my favorite quotes explains precisely the transmutational process of our current ascension of our planet and humanity: “Lift the veil of duality and you will see the Light”. This simple message explains how to replace  right or wrong , black or white, muslim or christian, to right and wrong, black and white, muslims and christians, and any other dichotomy. This subtle adjustment in words and attitude will create more light and a shift in consciousness that will open the portal for ascension. 

Lenka Schulze, Ph.D. Pyramids

Thank you for spending time on my site. You might wonder who I am and what I can do for you. I have pondered that very question myself. Who am I and what I can do for you? I was given the name Lenka. Honestly, isn’t that enough? If you want to know more, please continue reading. 


I have been travelling the world, earning various diplomas and degrees, and chasing some kind of illusion of grandiose superiority to earn your audience. But my strength, independence, courage, clarity, intuition, and wisdom have come through archetypal experiences in the real world. These are the powerful qualities that form my true education and what I love sharing with others.


In the course of my life, my education began as a child, sister, mother, stepmother, friend, student, employee, employer, and business owner. But I have also been an immigrant, a dreamer, a world traveler, a creator, a teacher, a medical intuitive, and a publisher. These were all precursors to my current work as a Ph.D. recipient, an author, and a medical intuitive.


These life experiences have shown me not only how to succeed, but also how to fail well. I have fallen, been beaten down, and have newly arisen. I have learned how to embrace new challenges, deception, rejection, and lies in addition to experiencing the roller coaster of emotions such as depression, anger, fear, and anxiety that those challenges bring forth. My life journey is showing me – as I speak – that you will only get what you give out. The light and love people seek is beyond polarization. It lies in unity and oneness. As my favorite quote says: “Lift the veil of duality, and you will see the light”.


In large part, we accept that we must struggle to achieve and grow in life. Yet we, as human beings, are so much more than words can describe. We hold powers within us that are waiting to be unlocked, expressed, and shared with others, liberating us from our self-imposed restrictions. For me, I have learned that my home – our home Earth – is created by forces of creation. Those who claim to understand them don’t really grasp the immensity of those forces. Earth and its elemental creative forces are beyond human comprehension. Our “mother” Earth effortlessly provides stability, safety, shelter, food, joy, and happiness. She holds powers of rejuvenation and regeneration to help us in our healing and our spiritual growth.


To intrigue you even more, consider the primordial wisdom of our nature. Because we are nature, we store knowledge deep in our DNA as well as in our consciousness. No need to waste time looking for it in books, tv, etc. It is within us. It is in you. Our earth is waiting to be reconnected with us. All that is missing is you! If you are still reading these words, then I know you want more out of life and are seeking existence beyond the ordinary.


So, who am I? I am simply Lenka. Seeking truth behind deception. Sharing the knowledge and experience of my life journey with you, in the hope that it will lead you to find the innumerable gifts of your journey as I did. I am happy guiding others who share the same hunger for their truth and inner light. Whatever brought you to my site, thank you for staying. Browse my content, send me a message, and connect with me on social media. I would love to hear from 


With gratitude and love,

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