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Expansion of Your Light Body

Today, science tells us that we are biophotonic beings; bio meaning alive, and photon, energy of Light. Knowing this simple fact can help us understand how to view Light and work with it the same way alchemists used to work with the elements. Calling on, or just thinking of Light, will enhance and rejuvenate your body and increase your vital energy. Every time you connect to Light with your senses and with your conscious thoughts, you initiate the journey of bridging to the higher realms. When you make these thoughts a part of your daily existence, your Light body will hold the Light, and act for others as a transmitter of Light. The more radiant you become, the more you will be able to assist them.

It is preferable not to think or visualize Light as a form of protection, as that thought vibrates fear consciousness. Instead, think of a Light frequency that raises your vibration, and that this very Light you vibrate, converts everything around you to the same frequency.

Visualization meditation to expand your body with Light Wherever you are (with family, shopping, at a concert or in a business meeting), take a deep breath, focus your intention on inviting Light to come to you. As you call Light in, visualize it, allow it to pour into your spine from every direction, gaining strength all around you, increasing in power and vibrating with intensity. Send Light to your cells, to your DNA, and to every atom in your body. Your aura is filled with Light, serving as a cocoon for you, and as a source of healing from which others will benefit as well. Your body is now full of Light, and you are now radiating Light.

Connecting with Light Energy on a daily basis you might expect

An opening of the heart

Becoming more compassionate

A growing awareness

Gaining more confidence

Increased intuition

Promoting peace

Creating harmony with others

The Light is who you are. It is always a part of you. You are always protected and have no need to invoke thoughts of fear. Instead, call on Light, think of Light, connect with Light and be the Light. Radiate Light because you are the Light. As you learn to radiate this Light intentionally, your radiating Light becomes a great gift to the world around you. You become a Lighthouse for those around you.

With Love,

Lenka Schulze Ph.D

* This information is for educational purposes only. The information presented has not been evaluated by the FDA. Our information is not intended to infer or guarantee results with any health issues, symptoms or diagnoses.


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