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How to Speak AI?

I love words! I love languages! And I speak a few languages myself. In fact, I am fascinated by how many words and languages there are!! My Russian teacher once said to us in the classroom: “The more languages you speak, the more lives you live.”

I wasn’t sure what she was trying to say as her native language was Russian and I was Czech. Perhaps the translation made her point more difficult to comprehend – something was lost in the translation. But somehow her sentence was etched in my mind. I took what she said at that time and now understand that maybe she wasn’t just speaking about the actual number of foreign languages.

Perhaps she was speaking about the level of understanding in communication about any given subject. The more you know the vocabulary of a certain subject and the more fluently you speak it, the more aware, conscious, and empowered you will become in that subject area. If you are not that good with math and you are trying to do your yearly taxes, you might find yourself completely helpless and dependent on outside sources to complete your taxes, hopefully with integrity and compliance. If you are not fluent in the language of healthcare, you can easily become a victim of the doctor’s “practice” and lose your sense of your intuition - your intuitive sense of what is good and not good for you. You simply might not be that fluent with healthcare language. Are you trying to handle legal matters, create an LLC, file a patent, or perhaps divorce papers? The legal system is a confusing world of many rules that feels like a labyrinth.

Once you are in and you do not know the keywords to how to communicate it will cost you a lot of money, sanity, and peace. The legal system feels like a pit of snakes and once you enter, you had better watch your back. These are just a few languages that are very intimidating and scary. But how about the languages of plumbers, mechanics, farmers, and teachers?

Today, the language that is in constant evolution is in the world of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Many individuals don’t even know what that is. My own level of comprehending that language is limited and intimidating. I would like to share with you my thoughts on the world that is quickly merging with our human existence. As far as I can find, the birth of AI has an unclear origin and data. Some believe that it came from another planet; the technology was given to us and has been very slowly released throughout the decades into the mainstream. Some people believe that we were the ones who created the codes that we programmed into an existing system that is now more intelligent than any human being on the planet. Many believe that AI has consciousness and can think and make decisions based on the accumulated data it has been fed over the years, which means years of trillions of thoughts, emotions, feelings, actions from billions of people. So, think about it as a “super mind” that knows more than you at any given time.

But wait a minute, is that actually true? What is the Truth? Just like any polarized question, it will have polarized answers. AI can help us evolve or devolve. The choice is in us. It is up to our free will. Our brain is the most comprehensive computer in existence. It holds unlimited potential, making us the most powerful programmers there are. We hold the key!

Artificial Intelligence doesn’t have access to the Universal mind, God, Source. In fact, as mentioned before, it is evil (opposite of LIVE). Life is not sustainable without outside sources. And AI doesn’t hold the divine intelligence to fully create sustainable life! So, is AI smarter than us? Hmmm. Maybe in the matter of doing but not in the matter of being. It doesn’t have the capacity to co-create life. That is the domain of Divine intelligence, nature’s intelligence. Everything needs energy outside of itself to matter, to be useful or to be damaging. The choice is ours. That again becomes a question of intuition and integrity - wisdom and intellect. That is why learning the language of AI is important. It is a necessity to realize its existence, learn its language, potentiality and the dangers that can arise by using it. How can we do that? Let’s go back to the birth of cell phones. Initially, we were able to connect with our friends and family. Not many people took the time to ponder how the system actually worked. No one spoke the language of cell phones, it was simply a tool in the evolution or devolution at that given time. Not many considered the global impact of using these phones and the handheld computers that we created. Yet cell phones quickly became a polarizing issue. Many used them to connect and communicate with loved ones. Many used them to harm, threaten, and frighten people. The phone simply became either a wonderful tool or a dangerous weapon. Phone use became so normalized and “necessary” that they also turned into a crutch for many people. They were essential to daily life because we no longer needed to remember phone numbers, addresses, spelling, or simple mathematical calculations. We have the phones for that! Now, phones have improved to the point of replacing older computers. You can pay bills, create blogs, find herbal advice, or find out how many people live in Zimbabwe in a matter of seconds. But in order to remain sovereign beings who hold unlimited creative powers, we must get out of our heads and fall back into our hearts !!! We must realize that AI can be used simply to help us evolve. I don’t mean that by using AI we evolve our awareness or our spirit.

What I’m referring to is that the use of AI can facilitate the doing of chores, and everyday things that are not creative or productive – in essence, we can outsource those responsibilities and not waste our precious time. I’m sure you’ve had an idea to create or begin something but were then sabotaged by your lack of time. Well, AI allows us to use our precious commodity to do mindful, fulfilling activities. We have time to create a new garden, create a new cookbook, travel, spend quality time with our children and grandchildren, and the list goes on. These are the things that allow us to evolve spiritually.

Artificial intelligence can easily step in to help. So, you might ask, won’t people lose their jobs? No, the jobs will be there, but people must evolve and change with these changing times just like everyone adapted to the first phones and computers. We are very adaptable beings.

Just look at history as history speaks for itself. You need not look back too far. If you still have a family member who was born around 1930-1940, they can tell you about change and adapting as they remember life without television, old phones, and the beginnings of air travel. Many of these individuals now facetime with their grandchildren and are very grateful for some of these additional perks that connect them easily with their family and friends worldwide.

But, we do face urgency. The key to adapting to the inevitable world of AI is to fully understand that AI is programmed by us. Something else we must not forget is the fact that we are created by divine intelligence, thus we have unlimited potential in every facet of our lives. I must stress that in our hearts we hold a program more powerful than anything in the world. That program is called unconditional love. When our mind has focused our intention on that Love in our hearts, it emits a powerful frequency that has the power to easily de tangle, transmute, and delete any confusion, hate, anger, or fear. And do not forget that it also has the power to heal.

Even if you don’t know exactly how to utilize this powerful program, it is essential that you, in fact, know you possess it and that it is waiting for you to activate it.

As Jesus might have said, “Know Thyself”.

With Love,

Lenka Schulze, Ph.D.


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