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“Imagination is more important than knowledge". -Albert Einstein Knowledge is very limited in the sense that it is gained by our logical left brain thinking, that only allows information that has been proven on either a physical, logical or scientific level. Due to these rigid restrictions, knowledge inquired externally creates very limited potential . In contrast, intuition lives and thrives in the world of imagination. This is the world of the right brain that creates images, pictures and stories. During the first seven years of life, children live in the world of the right-brain imagination, daydreaming and living in the world of “pretend". The left brain thinking that informs and creates knowledge becomes developed throughout our lifetime and will depend on our environment, education and experience. When a child at an early age, lives in an environment that gives them opportunity to daydream and pretend play, they expand their inner world of imagination and creation. If they are encouraged to act on their imagination they become creators early on. Yet the left brain is active, as well as a child learn through trial and error how their manifested play turned out. The reason why we have degraded our natural developing intuition is that we have, as a society, stepped into early child life and created for them an environment that has prioritized knowledge. That emphasis can be destructive when imagination is corralled into rigid structure such as preschool, and structured games that pressure the child into polarized thinking and behavior. In the development of the right brain, we also give emphasis to feelings. When children observe the world around them they don’t only watch human interactions. If children have the opportunity, they will also become actively engaged in the animal and plant kingdom. The world of trees, plants, rocks, and animals is alive, each having a certain feeling and vibration. Children who can freely engage in the subtle world of these vibrations, will naturally be able to intuitively sense, feel and eventually speak their language through resonance. When the children explore both the human world and the plant and animal world at the same time, they create a bank of information that is stored in their right brain, while simultaneously developing a logical system of their left brain. As this organic learning process takes place in early life, children’s brains become very well equipped for taking in information from their environment and placing it accurately in their invisible filing system - that helps them sort out their feelings, thoughts, knowledge, experiences. As a result, they will gain the most available tool; they will develop and become fully fluent in the

Language of the Soul. Direct soul communication doesn’t need a number or cell phone. It is based on a much more advanced pathway that we all have within us. We need to realize that in our not so distant past, people couldn’t imagine planes or space shuttles. Now, most of us don’t even take the time to wonder how we even created these magnificent creations? How? The answer is simple. It all started with imagination. Someone dreamed, pondered and yearned to fly and explore. Their imagination had been fueled by the desire to feel the feelings of an eagle or hummingbird and have the eyes of the eagle to see with from above. Let’s imagine the world that our children spend their time outside with animals like birds, chickens, cows and running through corn fields , climbing trees to pick apples or cherries. Swimming and playing safely in creeks and lakes. Daydreaming while watching the clouds go by. They simply exist freely in harmony and presence of the sacred and intimate Universal energy. They are resonating with the divine wisdom where the ultimate intuition resides. Intuition is the Language of the Soul. As we allow a child’s organic development to take place without restrictions, we expand the horizon to our current science to where intuition will be required in school and on a par with mathematics, language arts or physics. Imagine…. Love & Light,

Lenka Schulze Ph.D.

Source: Bruce Lipton PhD: Biology of Belief, Nadel, Laurie, Sixth Sense


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