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Spiritual Journey

By Lenka Schulze, Ph.D.


Our spiritual journey began the moment we took our first breath. From there, it really is more about how we experience our life and our humanity that determines how aware of our spiritual essence we are and of the reason we came here to Earth. Finding our life purpose is the key to our spiritual journey as we are spiritual beings having human experiences.


One of the crucial parts of our multifaceted life is Awareness, meaning being aware of and fully understanding that we are more than just the physical body. We often get lost in the day-to-day routines that take up our time. But it is very important to not lose the awareness of having an emotional, mental, and spiritual body besides our physical self. Where in the body do you reside the most? In which body are you most comfortable? In order to make our journey softer, there must be a balance, or what I like to call “Alignment”, between all the bodies. When our actions are rooted in who we are and what we feel and think, we achieve alignment. In turn, your awareness will reveal to you when you are misaligned somewhere. And that is the entry point for the spiritual work that will lead to enlightenment.


Enlightenment simply means that we transmute any heaviness or issues in our bodies into lightness. Our dis-ease becomes light. Through this process, space is created for biophotons to reside in our cells and emit light to the space around us (our aura).


The aura is our communication to the outside world. It is Authentic Communication. It holds our information. Whether we like it or not, our insecurities, jealousy, feelings of hate, or of not being good enough are louder than the masquerade show we put on to hide our true authentic selves. When it comes to the subtle world, there is no more hiding behind masks, fake happy pictures on social media, or lame parties that fill up our emptiness for just a little while. Just know we are being seen, read, and heard loudly. Authenticity is very obvious to the subtle world. Hiding our true selves is more spiritual suicide than spiritual work.


Courage is coming out with all that we are and facing the path of spirituality with complete surrender and complete humility. Doing so will serve us beyond measure. My favorite quote by Dr. Seuss might help on this journey.


“Be who you are, say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter

and those who matter don’t mind.” -Dr. Seuss


Set Clear Intentions. What is your ultimate goal? A healthy body, peace of mind? Do you want to be a farmer or perhaps spiritual teacher? When you invoke this prayer with your heart and your clear intention and cast it to the universe, please know that the forces of the universe will co-create with your circumstances and situation to align you with the dream you cast.


Getting Stuck can sometimes happen. Let’s say you have an intention and have started on your path, only to be derailed. How do you know you have been derailed from your spiritual path? Your bodies will tell you. Your physical body speaks to you with aches, pains, or dis-ease. You may have difficulty keeping or having relationships. Perhaps you are struggling financially. Simply put, you are not living in joy. How do you start again? Go back to the beginning, to the basic steps, marking them off as you go. Physically, are you eating well, resting, and exercising? 


Mentally, are you using your mind not only for critical thinking but also for creativity? 

Emotionally, have you become motionless or are you creating drama in your life? Emotions are closely associated with our thoughts. Work back to being in balance. 

Spiritually, are you making time to connect with your soul? Contemplation is the language you want to try with this part of your healing. Take human situations and bring them to the spiritual realm to be processed and neutralized.


These are the basic steps with checks and balances in staying authentically committed to your spiritual journey. Do not live someone else’s dream. Be the creator of your dream!!

With Love,

Lenka Schulze, Ph.D.


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