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Are You Living An Organic Life?

Do we really live an organic life?

Even though a lot of people talk about oneness, we don’t really live in the oneness mindset. We still think organic food is something we buy in grocery stores. However, we are the first ones to put fertilizer in our soil. In order for us to grow organically, in oneness, we must know that our actions, our thoughts, our emotions, and our feelings do affect everything and everyone at all times.

We no longer have the luxury to take off our hats and be spiritual today and not tomorrow.(being spiritual simply means being a better human) Being human and living organic life is a full-time job with cause and effects, and very real consequences.

If you are living in a polarized world, your actions, good or bad, will have a domino effect on someone else. And that someone else is part of you. However, we must also see that we are not separate from our friends, family, the soil, the animals, the plants, our food, or our environment. Everything is completely connected, and we become the gardeners of our own lives. We need to make sure that we are aware of our actions, thoughts, emotions and how we treat ourselves. If you see your body as a garden, do you choose good and healthy nutrients that will fertilize your growth? If you have a toxic relationship, do you leave it, and replant your self somewhere else ? Do you consciously create a luscious environment so your garden (YOU) can grow, create, love and enjoy just the simple existence of being?

Just some food for thought...

Love & Light,

Lenka Schulze Ph.D.


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