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INTUITION - Greek Word meaning “intueri” means “to look inside” it is ability to inquire info without logic or reason. The word PSYCHIC means “soul”in Greek Language.

Ways to Receive Intuition:

Clairsentience is to FEEL. A psychic will be able to “FEEL’ what someone else feels, whether it is emotional, mental, or physical like temperature changes, air pressure, gut feeling, sudden bliss or euphoria.

Clairaudience is to HEAR. You hear in your mind (not from your mind) or in your ear.

Clairvoyant is to SEE. Vision of lights, sparkles, people, items….in your 3rd eye as well. See orbs, have vivid dreams, are aware of signs like feathers, coins and light flickering. Also, understanding symbolism and different symbols.

Claircognizance if to KNOW. The person who has this gift appears as “know it all” like many inventors. We are Receiving information at the right time, right place, without prior knowledge of that subject.


1. Use it or lose it. It is like any other muscles, it has to be trained but more so trusted.

2. Be Aware. Intuition does not come screaming. It is very subtle and comes and goes.

If it is repetitive it comes in different forms. You must be still and pay attention to your


3. Trust is the number one key to your intuition. When you doubt your intuition you're doubting


4. Play games, have fun. Do not try to always be right.

5. Explore with pendulums, cards, crystals...

6. Journal and chart your progress.

7. Have fun !

Love & Light,

Lenka Schulze Ph.D.


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