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Prague’s Ancient Alchemy

the ancient art of alchemy • Prague, Czech Republic

I often find myself contemplating when and why I fell in love with the magical city of Prague. Maybe I’m biased because this beautiful place is the capital of the Czech Republic where I was born. And although I have visited numerous places in the world, no other can match the same mysterious and magical feeling as Prague.

Being an adventurous teenager, I couldn't resist the long walks in the city after businesses closed at five o'clock and everyone left for the comfort of their homes. To me, this was the perfect time to soak up the incredible feeling of mystery that permeated the air. I would walk for hours, fascinated by the feel of the energy vibrating in the air around me. At that young age, I did not consciously know why Prague was so magical to me, but that didn’t stop me from trying to read the “stories” that the city told through the symbols that are visible everywhere to the ones with an open mind and intuitive awareness.

My fascination with Prague and the resulting quest for a deeper understanding of the pull the city has over me took many years. It wasn’t until 2002 that I discovered why my love for this city was so strong...


Let me start first with a brief definition and history. The word PRAHA (Prague) in translation, means threshold, or portal. I think this is fitting as Prague has deep roots in the spiritual, and scientific and cultural advancements. Yet many people are not aware that Prague was considered an important center for scientific and artistic events in Europe. In fact, Prague attracted many famous artists, scientists, and alchemists in its storied past. 



Today’s science would not be the same without the contributions of alchemy. The beginnings of which were present in ancient Egypt, in China and in Greece, and it has been practiced all over the world. Its purpose then, as traced back to “old writings of the Egyptians”, was to find herbal cures and to define the meaning of life. The meaning of the word alchemy itself came to invoke medieval scientific research and experiments with the known elements and philosophy of the time to achieve the transmutational process of certain metals. Indeed, alchemy was thought of as a transmutational process of changing base metals into silver or gold. 


When alchemy first reached Europe, it wasn’t immediately accepted. It was feared by the church and ridiculed by many, while the alchemists themselves were often viewed as fools and charlatans. But with time, alchemy became more accepted. It is interesting to also mention that the Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Jung began investigating whether the alchemical symbols affected the subconscious mind, and if so, could that connection serve as a conduit between spiritual and physical dimensions. In this way, Jung infused the concept of alchemy with spirituality. Today, alchemy has been recognized as the forerunner for many important scientific findings, especially in the areas of physics, chemistry and medicine.

So, let’s go back... Why the year 2002? That year Prague had a big flood, and in the Old Jewish Quarters, the flooding uncovered secret underground alchemist laboratories with secret tunnels that lead to the castle and the town hall. These secret laboratories were established by Rudolph II.(1500 -1600).  Rudolf II was fascinated with alchemy, spirituality, and occultism. His love for alchemy was well known as he was the one credited for these secret underground laboratories. These laboratories were well-hidden and protected as they were supposedly creating the Elixir of Eternal Youth. I have visited the laboratories several times and never really wanted to leave. The energy of the alchemists is still present in the air, holding a deep mystical vibe. This is what I feel when I visit Prague.

the ancient art of alchemy • Prague, Czech Republic

The places we call home or the places we visit have their own mysteries, legends, magic, memories, and traditions. I find it important to keep these places, stories, and legends alive in our hearts. When we share our stories and experiences with others, we are re-birthing their past existence. We give them their relevance again. We must realize that alchemy is an ancient art that was originally based on nature, plants, elements and symbolism, and it has been well-embedded within us.

What do I mean by saying that all of these things are embedded in you? I am saying that you are an alchemist. Alchemy is a transmutation process that is constant and ongoing. We transmute within us all the time. We alchemize with our heart as well as with our mind. To become a powerful alchemist, we need a strong intellect with an open heart with the ability to feel. Often, our alchemical process is unconscious, or we just move one element to another location. But if we engage in the alchemical process while consciously directing our thoughts with a clear intention for specific results, we will not only change our feelings and thoughts, but we will effect changes at a deeper level. We can effect changes in our hormones, altering our cell charge and actively co-create new strands of DNA (epi-genetics) for the new version of ourselves. 

the ancient art of alchemy • Prague, Czech Republic

We are powerful alchemists and always have been... We can alchemize hate to love, feeling sad to feeling happy, and we can transmute illness to health. Our bodies know how to heal broken bones, heal scars, or bring down a fever. And the ultimate mind-blowing alchemical process of our bodies is the ability to create life. 

Alchemy was built on sacred rules that are governed by spiritual laws. When we bring part of these ancient stories back to life, we must remember that we are not here only to follow the imposed rules of our society, but also to acknowledge the importance of understanding and respecting the spiritual laws of nature. We are part of nature; thus, we are the alchemists. I feel that the ultimate sacred alchemy is all around us, as it is life itself.

With Love,

Lenka Schulze, Ph.D.


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