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Manifesting Your Dreams!

What is your biggest dream? What do you REALLY desire in your life: health, money, fame, a relationship, or a career? Setting powerful intentions is the starting point of every dream. Taking time to be clear about your biggest desires is an important step in manifesting your dream.

Desires are simply wishes. Your deepest thoughts and desires create your reality and your destiny. Intentions are higher-conscious thoughts directing your desires towards the outcome, purpose, or goal that you dream of. An intention serves as a seed from which you create and manifest your dreams. Another way of looking at this is that intention is harnessed collective energy around us and within us, focused in a specific direction towards a specific outcome, therefore full of more energetic power.

Few of us are aware of its extraordinary power! People who live a life of intention operate with strong will and determination. They are committed to fulfilling their dreams and desires – and nothing will stop them. They see problems and roadblocks along the way as experiences for learning and growth. Regardless of the immediate challenge, they are certain they will succeed – no matter what.

Steps to manifest your dreams

To manifest your dreams, you must have intention. Intention is in the realm of thoughts and feelings. It is not fully tangible to our five senses. Intention, however, gives meaning to our lives. Although an intention can be changed and redirected, it is not something to “do.” Intention is more about living in alignment with the energy of the “Source,” “God,” or the “Universe.”

  1. Clear Understanding: What do you want? What is the final outcome you want to accomplish and see? This step puts clarity around your desire. If you are not sure of what you really want, you can’t really move beyond this point.

  1. Let Go of Old Programming: This is absolutely critical. Relinquish whatever you believe is not true for you. Understand your own truth, not someone else’s. Usually, what we believe is someone else’s opinion – it’s their truth, not yours.

Broaden your horizons; believe in the impossible. Do you recall Roger Bannister who broke track and field’s most notorious barrier: the four-minute mile in 1954? Before he did, many thought it was physically unimaginable, and now, it’s the norm.

When doctors tell you it is impossible to reverse a particular disease, you must question yourself. Is that true, or is it just an opinion? There are thousands of documented cases of radical remissions; certainly, you could be one of these miracles. Push aside the internal dialogue and the loud noise in your mind. Get into a state of pure awareness; it is from the silence and stillness of your mind that you create your intention.

  1. Raise Your Vibration: To create and manifest an intention, you need to raise your vibrational energy to an emotion of feeling good, feeling content, feeling satisfied, and feeling happy. One of the best times to state your intention is right after meditation. Your intention will not manifest itself if you are operating from an energetic vibration full of fear, anger, frustration, or desperation. Make sure you state your intentions when you feel good, and you have inner peace.

  1. Involve Your FIVE Senses: Intention will be more powerful when you use your five senses.

For example, you might be dreaming of a vacation to Bora Bora with your loved one. Visualize it. Visualize you are already there, you see the blue crystal-clear water, the landscape bright with vibrant colors and the people smiling at you.

Then, enter the world of the kinesthetic (feeling). How does it feel being in Bora Bora, relaxing under the evening stars? Feel yourself rejuvenated when you dip your toes in the water. Feel a sense of calm when you are swinging on the hammock. What do you hear? Listen to the calming waves of the ocean, chirping birds in the waking hours and the wind in the palm trees. This is an example of how to deep-dive into creating an intention and sensing the reality of it.

5. Certainty: Certainty is “absolute knowing”. In fact, it is already in progress. It is on the way.

You must be absolutely certain of this – even if you have doubts at the present moment.

Fuel your intention with 100% CERTAINTY!! Without certainty, the intention will not reach its potential power. People wish and hope: their feelings usually come from the energy field of desperation, hopelessness, fear, and anxiety.

6. Release Your Intentions: Let go. Surrender. We have all heard, “Let go and let God”.

When you release your intentions into a limitless field of energy, you are able to access the extraordinary power of what’s to come. Of course, you have something specific in mind when you set an intention, but in order for an intention to manifest, you must release it like a huge exhaling breath into the Universe.

Love & Light,

Lenka Schulze Ph.D.


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