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Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT), is an effective method used to relieve symptoms of stress and dis-ease. This is done through a combination of working with meridian points on the body and affirmations. With EFT , you have instant access to relief at your fingertips in ways that affirmations alone do not.

Energy tapping can assist with

- long-standing fears,

- old traumas

- physical pain

- addiction

- anxiety



- weight loss…and much more.

EFT Technique:

There are nine meridian points used in the tapping technique:

The Sore Spot

To find the Sore Spot, place two fingertips in the hollow of your neck, go straight

down the chest about three inches then over to either side three inches. If this spot is really sore, rub the other side of the chest or tap the Karate Chop Point.

To begin the Tapping sequence, follow these basic steps.

1. Assess your state of being. Tune in to the problem or issue. Be as specific as possible. For example: “I have a tight knot of worry in my forehead” (“Worried” is too general).

2. Note your starting intensity from 0 – 10, with 0 being no intensity and 10 being very intense.

3. Restate your problem into an acknowledgment and affirmation such as:

“Even though I have _____________________, I deeply and completely love myself”

4. Say the affirmation phrase 3 times, while constantly tapping on either the Karate Chop Point, or the Sore Spot.

5. Next, Tap on each of the 9 points in the sequence approximately 3 – 7 times, restating your affirmation phrase at each point. You may shorten your affirmation phrase in this sequence, but always include the affirmation. “Even though, ___________, I deeply and completely love myself”.

6. Take a deep breath!

7. Note your ending intensity (0 – 10). If it is above 2, repeat the steps above. You can also modify your affirmation: “Even though I still have some of this ___________________, I deeply and completely love myself”.

If the first steps have not fully relieved your issue, you can add the brain-balancing Gamut technique, followed by another series of tapping.

The Gamut Point is found on the back of the hand at the depression at the base of the baby finger and ring finger.

Tune in to the problem, tap on the Gamut Point continuously, look straight ahead and:

  • Close eyes

  • Open Eyes

  • Look down to the floor to the right (keep head steady)

  • Look down to the floor to the left (head steady

  • Roll your eyes around in a circle

  • Roll eyes in the opposite direction

  • Hum 5 seconds of a song (such as Happy Birthday)

  • Count from 1 to 5

  • Hum 5 seconds of a song again.

EFT can often provide quick relief from the stress of problems we face around relationships, finances, pain, fears, and so much more. It can give you the opportunity to bring your life back into balance. Many people also use EFT/ Tapping in combination with protocols from their doctor or therapist, so make sure to let your health professionals know what additional steps you're taking to support your wellbeing.

Love & Light,

Lenka Schulze Ph.D.


Disclaimer: This information is not intended as a substitute for healthcare providers’ recommendations. Before starting any regimen, please consult with a medical professional.


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