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We Are Our Water...

If the statement is actually true, what does that mean?

Our planet is composed of approximately 70% water. Interestingly, that is roughly the same amount of water that makes up the human body. And, the human body contains trillions of molecules, 99.9% of which are water.

As a little girl, I remember being at my grandmother’s house where she had an old-fashioned water pump in the middle of her kitchen. That was the source of water for her family. My grandparents were blessed to have their own well. At the same time, the majority of the town’s residents lived in apartment buildings. Since they didn’t have direct access to water, their water had to travel through the pipes of an 8-story building. One can just imagine (if you were the water) what the water had to go through to get to our convenient faucets. I also recall that many people traveled from faraway places to our hometown to seek the healing water in our mineral springs. Our spring water was renowned specifically for helping people heal from arthritis, inflammation of the joints, and post-surgery healing. When dad was seriously injured in his late twenties, his medical team prescribed spending 3-4 weeks at the mineral springs in Czechoslovakia. The mineral springs/sanatoriums that the doctors prescribed were known for being very intense. The healing protocols included massages, water baths, various water treatments, and O2 treatments as well as drinking the mineral water unique to that spa (literally, you could drink it in the street). My dad fondly remembers being prescribed the famous 13th Czech mineral spring, Becherovka, (a liqueur that helps with digestion issues) an old favorite of many Czech people :)) My favorite childhood activities were picking mushrooms and wild blueberries in the summer months. At that time, no one carried water bottles as we all knew that creeks with fresh water were easily found in the forest. When we shopped in the local grocery stores, we looked to buy mineral waters, all coming from their original source with their own healing minerals, and they all came from our country! Those moments were not only organic but also enriched with magical memories! The incredible power of water was all around me in very subtle ways, and I took it for granted.

Let’s look at our sources of water today, which have changed drastically into a dire situation. It is bad enough that we have replaced water with poisonous drinks like sodas and drinks that claim miracles like gaining focus, energy, or weight loss. We have also become obsessed with everything organic, including organic water! A principle of quantum physics states that you can’t create energy…you can only transmute it. So, we are on this beautiful planet circulating the same water. The water that you drink eventually becomes the rain or the snow in Alaska and elsewhere. The problem facing us today is that by throwing chemicals of any kind into the environment, they will eventually come into contact with our drinking water. These chemicals are obscured behind mislabeling and seemingly innocent yet brainwashing advertisements. A few of the harmful products on the endless list are fertilizers, shampoos, creams, deodorants, air fresheners, cleaning supplies, batteries, and prescribed or over-the-counter medications. We must remember, we are our water …. As we all drink from convenient, fancy bottled waters, we fail to realize that these bottles are one of the many problems that plague our environment! Not the solution!!! Yet the solution is within us. We can all take small steps in taking responsibility for ourselves, limiting the consumption of chemicals, carrying our own portable water bottles, and recycling with wisdom and intelligence. But now I really want to share with you something even more important! Water holds memory and has a spiritual and divine element. Have you heard of sacred water? What is it? Where is it found? In analyzing “holy water”, ( also called structured, organized, sacred, enhanced, clustered, living, etc) scientists and experts realize that one specific thing makes holy water different from “regular” water. The answer lies in the structure of the water. Without going too deeply into the chemistry of water, the molecules of sacred water located in places where miracle healings have been reported are more structured and appear organized in geometrically arranged patterns.

Ordinary water has no pattern or structure. Under a microscope, it appears distorted and dead. And so, I was very excited when I read that during the first few days of human life, our own human cells are surrounded by structured water! Wow! Holy moly! That simply means that we are born holy! We are made absolutely perfect! So, what happens? What happens to our water later in our life? What is happening is the same thing that is happening to our water on Earth.

The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats that degenerates. Renew this fluid at regular intervals, give the cell what they require for nutrition, and as far as we know, the pulsation of life goes on forever.

- Dr. Alexis Carrel, Physiologist, Nobel Prize recipient

Let’s all ponder… We are our water….

Love & Light,

Lenka Schulze Ph.D.

Source: Water Codes by: Dr. Carly Nuday, PhD


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