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Embracing Love and Light on Earth

By Lenka Schulze, Ph.D.

Tree in Nature. Light Flooding through Tree.
There are things known and things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.
- Aldous Huxley

We all seek the same thing…love, light, happiness, health, joy…. What if I tell you, it is right in your backyard? As a truth seeker, I have been as guilty as everyone else in my quest to find the most important elements of love and light everywhere. I would spend hours in my mind catching the love and light that is scattered in places hidden from sight.

I have also plunged into so many experts’ protocols and to-do lists looking for just the right fit for me. And I must say, after spending many years searching for love and light, I realize that I may have been looking in the wrong places.

Light particles and the frequency of love are, of course, found in meditative states when you take your mind on a journey through your visions. There are fantastic technologies in today's market to assist you in that process. I have spent time researching, learning, and personally experiencing them as well. Yet my inquiring mind always brought me back to the search. I felt unsatisfied and thought that there had to be a more organic way to live life with love and light. So, I continue to search.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. -Albert Einstein

My search has led me to consider, of all things, artificial intelligence (AI). We have invited AI into our lives and embraced many of the healing devices on the market. They do help us heal our bodies to some degree. Why? Well, we are electro-magnetic beings that hold light in our cells, and easily respond to that level of healing.

As you can imagine, our bodies have trillions of cells. All these cells are like miniature Duracell batteries holding a charge. When we are young, strong, and healthy, our cells hold the energy at 100%. When we get old, tired, or sick, the energy in the cells start to drop significantly. We will subconsciously feel the lack of energy and start to look for ways to recharge. It’s as if we need to be plugged into the energy field in the same way we would plug in our phone when it is running out of juice.

Unfortunately, most of the time we plug ourselves into artificial energy that is not self-sustainable. It just gets us temporarily high until we experience that energy crash. It’s the same process we go through when we ingest artificial sources of energy like sugar, alcohol, medication, drugs, relationships, drama, and busyness. This source of energy feels like we are plugged directly into our adrenal system which keeps us running on adrenaline. As you can imagine, this option is not the best, as it results in a long list of side effects.

None of this makes me feel connected to light and love. So, let’s go back to the more self-sustainable energy of Love and Light. It might not surprise you if I bring you to the world of divine intelligence - the divine, unlimited, and mysterious land of plants, herbs, flowers, berries, bark, trees, and bushes.

For a very long time, scientists have been providing us with knowledge of light energy in our plant kingdom and its effects on the body. But if you think about it, you don’t need a specialized degree to understand the concept. Everything that is available at the market originated in nature. Our earth is designed to provide food to keep us vibrant, healthy, and happy. Yet scientists have devoured and dissected the divine nature of plants, causing us to forget the “whole-istic”, traditional way we consumed most foods. We have also forgotten that all medicine is based on divine intelligence. All the medications, vitamins, creams, potions, etc. are available in whole form in nature. What is available in stores is just a creation of artificial intelligence. It begs the question: Why did we sell ourselves for fancy packaging, and empty promises

God’s Molecule: Have you heard about DMT, short for dimethyltryptamine? It is a molecule - also known as the God molecule - that has been found in almost every living plant organism around the world. “It is part of the normal makeup of humans and other mammals, marine animals, grasses and peas, toads and frogs, mushrooms and molds, and barks, flowers, and roots” (Strassman).

I mention this to remind you that simply opening the door to nature will give you access to the divine light and love within you! Stop spending your time in drug stores and beauty counters. Enroll in classes that teach you the mystery of the divine, sacred realm of plants, herbs, and flowers. For holidays, buy yourself an aloe or rosemary plant and learn its healing and vibrational powers.

All plants hold divine intelligence. That intelligence is beyond the knowledge of scientists in their laboratories. That is why I strongly believe that their efforts to duplicate the same level of intelligence with or without AI will, in the end, be fruitless. To give you an example, you picked a fresh apple from a tree and ate it right there on the spot. The apple’s intelligence will communicate to your body’s intelligence, and it will determine exactly what your body needs at that time. The body’s intelligence will match the nutrients that the apple can supply. This level of intelligence is done without any need for tests or validations from experts. Those same results will happen if you pick tomatoes and basil from your garden for your dinner salad.

Not only that, but you are also benefiting from the nutritional values that these freshly picked fruits, plants, and vegetables contain. All living organisms - the human body, pets, plants - have a biofield. Science has shown this to be factual. The biofield around the living organism is a light (energy of photon). The light comes from the photon energy of the sun. When we ingest living plant organisms directly from nature, we bring their photon energy directly into our body. Do you remember my previous blogs? We are light beings. Our cells are full of light! That light energy (photon) is what fuels our body. It is a different form of energy than the energy of calories and nutrients. This light energy is known by many as chi, or prana.

How exactly does that work? Let's say that our supermarkets get apples that were picked many weeks earlier from an apple orchard in Washington. You might get some nutritional value as well as calories from the apples, but how about the photon energy? The light? How much light do you think the apple will have by the time you bring it home to eat?

The photon energy is more subtle, and it serves as a connecting link to all of nature. It also carries nutritional value. When you are in nature, you absorb the light particles through your skin, eyes, and breath. When we look at nature with our eyes, we also reopen the doorways to the subtle world, where words and explanations are simply not needed. To enter into the realm of love and light with our spiritual sense, we need a pure and open heart as well as the desire to cherish and honor our Earth, who effortlessly shares the unconditional love and light within us all.

With Love

Lenka Schulze Ph.D.

Source: DMT The Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman M.D; Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm by Stephen Harrod Buhner; Book: The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird


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