My true passion is to teach others about their own gifts that are ready to be re-awakened and help them find their life purpose. My unique and down to earth approach is a great way to connect to your true self, your inner child and your higher self. People often look for guides only from other realms while forgetting that guides are all around us. The only thing missing is our willingness to see them.  Let me be your guide to your intuitive connection.

First session: $195.00 (50 minutes)  | Subsequent sessions and repeat clients: $150.00 / (50 minutes)
Packages of 6 sessions / 50 minutes  $750.00 | Package of 12 sessions / 50 minutes $1320.00

Each session is a unique experience driven by the individual’s needs for healing. Lenka uses her experience to design a tailored session to your exact healing goals. Lenka uses a variety of techniques to begin your healing journey.

Read more about some of the tools she uses.

In-person and remote sessions are scheduled appointments. Call 239.370.8588 or email to make an appointment.

Lenka reserves the right to choose an alternate form of healing upon discussion with the patient.

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