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Seeking Addiction

We all are addicts. We are addicted to seeking. We endlessly seek. The thrill of seeking makes us feel alive, worthy or just plain busy.

What are we Seeking ?

We are all seeking to taste, feel, and experience our source. The source is “Love”.

We are all seeking in different ways, and the seeking becomes a sort of “game“.

The “seeking game“ starts at birth when we first seek it in our close surroundings.

We soon figure out that our immediate surroundings are not the pure source of Love, but just a close imitation of Love…so we continue to go on a subconscious quest and little do we realize we are all seeking the same thing.

What are we seeking? LOVE - the Love vibration that we all know exists on a soul level, but still search endlessly for it in our relationships, when traveling, meditating, and transcending.

Some people think that vibrations of Love are found in lust or in addicting artificial sweeteners, drugs or certain behaviors. Unfortunately many find themselves stuck in a vicious cycle of trying to stop their endless desire as they develop addictive behaviors.

Many people take a path of manipulation, and some become master manipulators of loving vibrations. They do not know how to create Love for themselves so they become the vampires of the loving energy that many omit without consciously knowing. The master manipulator's behavior is hard to detect due to their ability to shapeshift into archetypal patterns that they themselves don’t even know they created.

These self destructive behaviors that are seeking Love are strictly man made. These self sabotaging and debilitating programs have been here for generations and run in our minds and in our DNA. The genesis of these addicting human behaviors that many call “programs “ are here for you to ponder upon. When they run without being recognized they gain strength and become more and more destructive. I am not here to convince anyone to believe in these addicting behaviours. I am merely stating that we are made from Love (God, the Source, the Universe..) and we return back to Love.

So what happens during the time of our conception and our transition to the other side?

When we choose to experience the existence of Humanity, why do we search for something that is already within us? Why do we choose a reality without Loving vibrations?

People who understand the love of quantum physics and speak fluently in vibrational energy know that disease, poverty, deception, judgement, manipulation, and greed exist in our realm as well as compassion, love, unity, joy, wisdom, and patience. All of these vibrational frequencies are here to be tuned into just like radio stations. It is ultimately about our choice. We have all been granted free will to choose.

That is why we all became seekers….we all seek our Source (God, Creator, Universe…)

We all want the same thing. We need, crave, and desire authentic Love, truth, freedom, compassion, kindness, transparency, abundance, health, happiness, joy, and peace. Let’s end our seeking and rest in the knowledge that it is truly in our sacred hearts where eternal Love resides. Knowledge is a mystical experience. Finding it requires giving up the game of seeking. One who knows Love knows it because every cell of their being is the presence of Love. Be the love you are seeking to find. That is the language of resonance .

Love & Light,

Lenka Schulze Ph.D.


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