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Boosting Your Immunity

Improving your health is more than learning how to better manage stress in your life and physical fitness. It is important to also improve your immune system. Here are some guidelines to boost your immunity:

Rest: Plenty of rest is essential, giving the body time to recuperate and revitalize.

Hydrate: Flush away unwanted bacteria and toxins that prevent the body from getting well.

Avoid Sugar: Sugar depletes immunity. Avoid sugar especially when you think you are coming

down with something.

Vitamins: Vitamin C is a staple for immunity. Vitamin D (though it’s really a hormone and not a vitamin), we do not get enough of it from daily sun exposure, especially if using sunscreen. Vitamin D is truly one of the most important factors in our immunity. It is considered the “miracle nutrient”.

Castor Oil: My personal favorite. Castor oil is a very powerful immune booster. Use it on your body, not internally. There are many application methods available. The easiest is to massage it into your feet, then cover with socks for 20 minutes.

Probiotics: Feed the gut healthy bacteria to stay healthy. In our current diet and lifestyle, we do not acquire enough to sustain a healthy gut. It is especially important to consume probiotics when taking antibiotics and steroids, which strip all healthy bacteria from the gut.

Garlic: A triple whammy! Garlic is antibacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal – a potent way to quickly strengthen your immunity. Eat fresh garlic daily.

Bone Broth: There is a reason loved ones bring you chicken soup when you’re not feeling well: chicken contains an amino acid called cysteine that helps thin out the mucus in your lungs. Bone broth also contains magnesium, calcium, gelatin, and many more wonderful benefits (especially when the broth is cooked for you with love).

Environment: Health is the new wealth. When you feel strong and healthy, you also feel more empowered and hopeful. Keep your immunity strong so there is no need to fear the next flu season. You must invest in your health every day, so you are armed and prepared. Health and wellness have been in your hands all along!

Stress: Stress plays a huge role in immunity. Your body is not able to heal, recharge, or feel better when it is under stress. Using relaxing techniques and living a more stress-free life is essential.

These is just few examples that are easy to implement in your daily life as you create your healthy lifestyle.

Love & Light,

Lenka Schulze Ph.D.


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