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Shining Light On Spring Equinox

The arrival of Spring is here! Nature begins to come alive - waking up after its winter slumber. We can feel the energy shifting as we move into a season of light and warmth. Earth's powerful growth energy brings newness that stirs feelings of hope, optimism, and possibility. It encourages us to set intentions for the season and welcome transformation. Become a part of this new beginning, starting with the Spring Equinox on March 20th. Choose to make it a pivotal time in your life and empower your spirit to blossom and grow, along with the season.

What is Spring Equinox?

Spring Equinox, or Vernal Equinox, has traditionally been cause for celebration in many ancient customs, across all cultures. Often, within these celebrations or festivals, a connection or reference is made to the forces of light triumphing over darkness. Spring Equinox signals the first day of our spring season. It is only one of two times in a year when the length of day and night are equal; there is a balance between light and dark. Rooted in Latin, with "aequi" meaning equal and "nox" night, the equinox is the day when the sun crosses the celestial equator and the Earth's two hemispheres enjoy the Sun's rays for nearly the same amount of time. This kind of illumination and symmetry is what the Spring Equinox represents. It signifies the arrival of a season for new beginnings, a time for planting, sprouting, and growing.

How can it affect us spiritually?

As we leave the darker, colder months behind, we move into a brighter period and experience the warmth of the sun. Following the rhythmic shift of nature, you might feel a pull from the quiet, stillness and introspection of winter into the energetic vitality of spring. The colors of blossoming flowers and trees might activate or stimulate your sense of creativity, bring new ideas and leave you feeling hopeful, invigorated. With nature waking, so too is your spirit. I invite you to allow the vibrancy of spring's energy to fuel you. I encourage you to mimic the rituals of the season. Plant the seeds of whatever it is you want to see grow in your life. What inspires you? What are you curious about? What is calling to you? Embrace your answers and be open to the transformation.

How can we honor this special time? You can start by listening to what your inner self needs; clear out the clutter and discard any limiting beliefs. Maybe you actively and symbolically plant some flowers, an herb garden, or a tree. Maybe it's about cleaning out and organizing your spaces. Perhaps it's as simply as being outdoors or getting together with loved ones. Whatever speaks to you most is how you are meant to honor the arrival of spring and your own opportunity for expansive growth.

Love & Light,

Lenka Schulze Ph.D.

* This information is for educational purposes only. The information presented has not been evaluated by the FDA. Our information is not intended to infer or guarantee results with any health issues, symptoms or diagnoses.


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