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I Know Nothing

I know that I know nothing.” - Socrates

We are all yearning to know the future of our daily situations and circumstances.

The desire to know drives us to hire professionals like financial advisers, medical experts or attorneys. With the desire to know comes the hunger to control. We keep planning, managing,controling and executing plans to the extent that we even plan our own death and funeral so it is done to our liking!!

We also secretly want to know what others are up to and what they are planning and creating. We want to know as much as we can for every situation, even if that doesn't require our attention or presence.

We even go so far as hiring psychics and card readers to find out the probability of our future and the personal affairs of our loved ones.

Gosh….just thinking about how much energy, effort and creativity is wasted on such foolish behavior makes me exhausted!! When we are in a constant chase for peace of mind, we are missing the moments that are fleeting by every second.

The beautiful moment when your child wants to share with you their first drawing of a flower, the cup of coffee that you do not have time to enjoy with your husband due to a pressing deadline, the time you deny yourself a hot bath at night to ease your daily exhaustion.

You miss these moments by chasing illusions, other people's dreams and desires.

You miss the moments to smell the flowers, to look up to the sky and count the stars, and to dance in the rain.

These moments, as simple as they seem, are transformational, magical, and simply life changing when done with a willing, free, and open heart to feel and experience anything and everything, trusting that there is no need to waste the most precious commodity, time, on frivolous things like planning, controlling and managing life.

Life is precious, Life is short…CARPE DIEM!!

Carpe Diem

By : Athena Spiska (14 years old)

Create the life you want to live

Appreciate the small things

Realize whats is happening around you

Preserve memories

Enjoy the moment

Develop new skills

Inspire others

Experience new things

Move on from your past and live in the present moment

Seize the day!

Love & Light,

Lenka Schulze Ph.D.


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