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Children Are the Creators of Our Future

We often hear many sayings and quotes regarding children and the future; children are our hope for the future; children are our most valuable resource; children are the cement of life; old men can make war, but it is children who will make history. But the sayings can be distilled down to one simple truth: just because they are small doesn’t mean they are not wise.

I believe there is some truth to the concept of reincarnation, in the fact that our children have been on Earth many times, and they know what they are here to do. They are here to change our BS (Belief System). They are here to teach us to love unconditionally, as they do, and to believe in ourselves. But they also need our help with their purpose. How can we help? By believing in them, trusting them, and more than anything, not taking their power away. You may ask “How exactly do I do that?” Simple. If you see recurrent behavior issues with your child, most of the time you want to fix or correct the problem. You will try anything, like time out, grounding, maybe even therapy. But that doesn’t work with today’s children. I mentioned that they came here to change our BS (Belief System), because the fact is, the problem isn’t them, and the core of the solution lies within YOU. They are merely holding up a mirror before you. If you want to change the way your child behaves, become more aware of how they act in their surroundings. You may discover that the difficult situations you are facing are reflected in a parallel situation in your child. For example, if you are frustrated with your job or your boss, they may experience bullying or being taken advantage of by a not-so-nice friend. The situation becomes worse as you get upset that your children don’t stand up for themselves. You give them more advice, and you get even more upset. The only actor in this situation is you, and they are left without guidance. If you really want them to be courageous, demonstrate courage; they will mirror you. You must stop yelling if you really want to stop them from yelling. Make better choices if you want them to make better choices. If you want change, You be the change.

Our greatest ability as humans is not to change the world, but to change ourselves.

-Mahatma Gandhi

Love & Light,

Lenka Schulze Ph.D.


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