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The Power of Words

I love words and their hidden power. Words carry a certain vibrational charge and they can serve as symbols. Words serves as a Symbology and its vibration communicates with us on a subconscious level. Words in the beginning have neutral energetic charge, until we place the charge in them by intention, meaning and emotion. Spoken or written words and their vibrational powerful charge can be changed when the word is exposed to people with new intended meaning. Words as they are charges with feelings and emotions evolve and change, and they become uncomfortable to speak as they often become “ politically incorrect .“ EVIL is maybe not what you think. Just look at the word backwards EVIL= LIVE. If we understand the polarization of words we recognize that Evil is the opposite of Live. It literally means the opposite! The word “live” has two meanings; it is an action verb and also adjective that describes nouns . Both descriptions mean something that is living, alive and full of life. So of course Evil would mean the opposite!Evil carries the energetic vibration of destruction . Evil takes what is living, alive, moving, growing, expanding and brings things to a halt. Evil creates stagnation, stops the growth, misleads and loves to create deflection and confusion. Evil doesn’t show up looking scary or mean. It doesn’t look like a monster with a pitch fork. Evil dress up the way you would approve of and often it is very logical,convincing,smooth talker,attractive,entertaining,intelligent and intuitive.
Evil knows your game,your likes and your weaknesses,evil often knows you better than you know yourself. Once evil finds the way into your world and into your heart, it will shower you with things you desire the most; Gifts, money, status, fame, recognition and it is capable of even creating artificial relationships.
When you get enchanted and smitten by all the jazz that evil created, you have fallen into a trap; into an illusion that is full of deception. That is the game of evil….confusion and deception. Realizing that you have fallen into a trap is not easy. Why? Because deception is not a lie that you can see, pinpoint or articulate.
However it is not the truth, either.
So what is it?
It is a goulash of both lies and truth.
Deception and confusion = evil.
What is the desire of evil?
Simple…..evil feeds on freedom, life, creativity, growth, innocence, love and light. So how do you know you have fallen into the goulash of deception? Your feelings, emotions will let you know, they serve as an inner compass or inner GPS. You might decide to ignore this communication, perhaps you become hesitant because you feel stuck, scared, your investments are too high, or maybe there might be great collateral damage if you rock the boat. Your soul doesn't care about your personal drama, needs or agendas. Your soul will try even harder to get your attention as your body will continue to talk to you. You might experience physical sensations as your emotions and feelings will be expressing themselves through a variety of things like shortness of breath, anxiety, depression, IBS, nightmares, lack of sleep, gaining weight and the list goes on and on... How to get yourself out of the goulash of evil deception and confusion? Start with awareness without judgement and blame. Pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Then cast the desire to change, take action and allow the process to take place without forcing anything to happen. Trust and faith are the final ingredient to the game of entanglement. Keep going back to the initial desire to shift and change, and allow the time and space to work it’s magic. We are all seeing the entanglements of evil all around us. We all can see the current confusion and deception in education, healthcare, media, military, food, entertainments, green movement, farming, politics, religion ….
The veil is being lifted and we see for the first time clearly,
all that evil that has been in front of our eyes for so long. Please, stay in the vibration of love, light and keep your faith as we all are trying our best to take one step at a time. We are ending the game of polarities and entering the world of oneness. During these changes, we can benefit from inviting long lost friends into our lives, who are patiently waiting to participate during the time of change. I’m talking about Compassion, Love, Kindness, Patience, Honesty, Integrity, and Wisdom. Please invite these energies into your daily life. I promise their presence in your life will improve your earthly existence.

Love & Light,

Lenka Schulze Ph.D.


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