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Speaking Your Inner Truth

Do you have a hard time finding Truth?

Do you have a hard time speaking your Truth?

What is your Truth?

Do you feel that if you speak your truth freely you may not fit in anymore?

Perhaps you feel that your Truth is changing and evolving, and you feel scattered with your constant thinking and analyzing?

The path to finding your Truth is a journey, not a destination. We already have our Truth inside of us, and we are slowly rediscovering it. Think of how miners discover diamonds. Diamonds have existed on Earth for eons. They are here for us to enjoy their beauty, energy and healing powers. Diamonds, however, are buried under debris, dirt and rocks. With patience and persistence, we find diamonds by slowly chipping away at what is covering them. Then we can see them clearly in their full beauty.

Your Truth is very much the same way: it resides inside of you, covered in illusions, lies, doubts, fears and insecurities. Your Truth is waiting for you to chip away any and all debris. It takes time, patience, love and understanding to uncover your Truth.

Once you find your Truth, it will align with you with your life’s purpose. Your Truth will give you clarity and deep understanding. Your Truth will empower you to recognized embody the amazing person you already are, and you will discover that you have always had everything you need to become the shining diamond that you are. Now is your time to shine!

Once you find your TRUTH, go and live it!

Love & Light,

Lenka Schulze Ph.D.


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