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Living in Transparency

In many ways, we are living very differently from our ancestors. Life is easier, we do not have to live in fear to survive on a daily basis. Our material world offers many opportunities and choices that our grandparents didn't have. Our life is also becoming very fast. One thing that I often ponder is how our personal life is very exposed and it feels like we are being watched every step we take. Today, you never know when and how you can be watched, recorded and viewed on the Internet for everyone to see.

As much as the thought of someone always watching is little freaky, I also see ways that we can benefit from such a transparency. There have been many instances where we watched a recording of something funny or cute, or recording of someone whose exceptional good deeds or talents had tremendous impact on others. When positive recording is shared with the public, it serves as inspiration and the effect is truly priceless. I love these videos!

On the other hand you see videos of our fellow humans acting cruel towards others, or abusing animals. Perhaps you saw video that captured people who misused their power to gain even more power fame, like politicians, doctors, lawyers or bullies in school. ...the list goes on and on.

Is there positive side to living in transparency? When we live in the glass, we have to understand that every action, every move we make, may be watched and our actions may be shared publicly with others. When we are living with this kind of transparency, it could make us more cautious with our words and actions. I believe with this huge shift in of transparency we will be able to see everyone for who they truly are without the "face" they are trying to put on for the public. We will understand that any given moment, someone could be watching and listening. So what you think? Do you think living in the glass and being transparent will make us more responsible and authentic with our words and actions?

Love & Light,

Lenka Schulze Ph.D.


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