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Are you Spiritual?

Of course you are spiritual!!

You have been born as a human with a spirit and a soul.

You are a spiritual being, having human experiences.

What does it mean to "be spiritual" to me?

Fully integrated spiritual being is the one who is aware of its human experiences, and at the same time is able to comfortably exist and understand the invisible (subtle) world that we live in.

The invisible realm (Universe) speaks the language of energy, frequency and vibration. The language of the Universe speaks very clearly and doesn't have the need to lie,

manipulate or be deceitful to others.

When you become aware of the realm of subtle energy around you, you will realize that words are useless, and they do not adequately describe what and how you perceive and feel the world.

Ask yourself the question again, "Are you spiritual?" or how about asking yourself "Do you speak fluently the language of the spiritual world of the invisible realm?"

If you desire to become more fluent in the language of the Universe, join our Wellness Energy Institute community and become the vessel of Love and Light, as your authentic soul was destined to be.

By practicing meditation you are becoming the medium between the physical and spiritual worlds. Your unique truth is finally realized when meditation becomes a part of your daily routine. Your heart and mind will naturally lead you to a deeper understanding of your intrinsic knowing and ancient intuition.

At present our hectic lifestyles are exhausting our bodies, tiring our minds and depleting our spirits. We often find ourselves stressed, overwhelmed and tired.

Wellness Energy Institute is aware of our societal Dis-ease called stress.

Thus, we are excited to offer to the Naples community a meditation experience full of chromotherapy, crystals and sound transcendence. Each meditation will melt your stress and your senses will surrender to the soft relaxing melodic harmonies of natural intention.

Love & Light,

Lenka Schulze Ph.D.


Kristie D
Kristie D

You speak my language. I wish I lived near you so I could join you in meditation! Lots of Love!

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