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Living in a Polarized World

Ying-yang, black-white, night-day, sun-moon, right- are just a few examples how these polarities create division . I invite you to open your mind to different outlook balances you may have in your life.

We all are trying to be "good", but we also possess the “bad”. We all know that we carry inside the happy, joyful, loving side of us, but not very many of us want to embrace the part of us that is sad, angry, or depressed. Why? These feelings are natural and very much part of any living human on earth.

Maybe we have been taught that if we show our true feelings like anger or frustration then we are not worthy of attention, worthy of care and certainly not worthy to be loved! We have not only learned to bury our feelings deep within, but also to completely ignore the feelings altogether, in the hope that these undesirable feelings are not real and will go away. That is far from the truth. Every event, memory, and situation, positive or negative, is stored inside of us, in our memory bank, in our DNA, and in our physical bodies. And these buried feelings will eventually start showing up again in our thoughts, dreams and bodies as pain or heartache. Our overall outlook on life will start changing to a life full of misery, difficulty and suffering.

However, we have an opportunity and a choice to face our TRUE self, our HIGHER self, and embrace the wholeness we all have within us. Only when we are completely open and aware of ourselves and our unique qualities, both "good" and "bad", will we achieve complete balance. We must acknowledge the fact that we need both to create wholeness. When we are fully conscious of our decision and take full responsibility for creating our own life, even when it is not turning out to our liking, we are becoming aware of how to create balance in our life, we experience more clarity, which will naturally lead to happiness and love.

Embrace your light and your darkness. When you experience the dark, only then you can truly appreciate the light to be complete. Everything needs balance; you are not an exception. Embrace and love yourself fully and completely! Bring awareness to the fact that you are the creator of your own universe!


Love & Light,

Lenka Schulze Ph.D.


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