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Many of us suffer from the common disease that runs wild in our culture; “Busyness”.

When we are busy, we appear to be doing something important. Consequently, we associate busyness with self worth. We feel that the busier we are, the more worthy and important we must be.

I have realized, though, that busyness is just a wild goose chase to acquire a few simple things in life - things that have always been within easy reach.

Love, peace, health, abundance... all are available to us without resorting

to” busyness”.

Why does it seem so hard to attain these simple things?

Maybe because our belief systems(BS) was formed during a time in our life when we thought that love, peace, health, and abundance needed to be earned, deserved, or work really hard for. And even after we thought we had attained our desired goals, they still needed our constant energy and attention to be maintained and controlled. Perhaps this is the core issue of our struggles and suffering.

Love, health, peace, and abundance don’t need to be earned and worked for, we don’t need to jump through hoops to maintain them, and we certainly can’t control them.

Love, peace, health, and abundance are states of being, and they are just side effects of a person whose emotions and feelings vibrate with compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude. People in this state of existence, look at life as if it is full of mystery and wonder. They see and feel love and beauty in simple things that others take for granted. The sight of a blooming rose or song of a chirping bird elevates their mood instantly. They do not take the wagging tail of a dog or purr of a cat for granted. They appreciate their children’s presence and see it as a present, when others might view the company of a child as just a normal part of their life. People in a loving state welcome a sunny day and a rainy day the same way.

A person who lives in a vibration of LOVE appreciates others around them and does not focus on their shortcomings, while others might often feel immediate judgment. The compassion in their hearts is greater than judgment. A person who lives in a LOVE vibration recognizes that judgment is a vibration of fear that creates separation. Compassion creates an energy of deep understanding that we all are on the path of many challenges and choices.


Health is a side effect of Love - specifically inner Love that first starts within yourself for yourself. This Love is expressed by treating the body as a sacred temple, and fueling the body with healthy, vibrant food and water. Movement in the physical body creates more energy, giving the body more fuel as well. Your body is listening not only to the outside world you are exposing your body to, but to your feelings, as well. Your body will speak to you very loudly when you are in a situation or relationship that is not good for you. The communication will manifest in your body as aches and pains, and if the situation is chronic, the body will create a disease. Your body listens to your inner thoughts and your inner conversation you have with yourself. How do you talk to yourself? When you see yourself in a mirror, how do you greet you? “Hello gorgeous”? Or “Here you are again, looking old and tired”?

Clothes, makeup, fancy cars, and your zip code will not make your body healthy. Your inner adoration for your simple existence of beingness is what creates health.


When you live in a vibration of Love, and your body is feeling healthy, you are most likely experiencing a peaceful state of mind. Being at peace doesn’t mean that challenges and difficult situations don’t come your way. Being at peace means that whatever challenges you are experiencing you handle them with an understanding that your challenges are just life opportunities to grow and evolve, and to gain more maturity and wisdom.


If you are seeking abundance in life, stop looking. Abundance is not a thing or destination. You must connect with the abundance within. It has nothing to do with material things. Abundance is a strong feeling of gratitude and appreciation that runs in your cellular structure in the strong core of your being, and it is a state of mind that is felt in your heart. The coherence between the heart and the mind sends a strong signal to the vibrational field around you (called aura). The mixture of energies that your body emits sends a magnetic signal to the world. What you are emitting to the world becomes your reality, your mirror. You attract who you are, not what you want.

Who are you? Who and what is your mirror?

Love & Light,

Lenka Schulze Ph.D.


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