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Ascension of our Personal Will

Humanity is inevitably ascending. The ascension process is very visible and it is experienced by everyone in a different way.

How do you know you are feeling and experiencing ascension? Ascension can be validated by experiencing tremendous fluctuations in deep emotions that are arising during this time more strongly than ever before.

These emotions of fear, resentment, anger, despair, hate or confusion are here to show us that these emotions do not serve us any longer in our spiritual growth. In fact, these lower vibrational emotional feelings are holding us down, making us heavy, stuck and stagnant.

How? These emotions are manifested in our bodies by pain, aches, and pure discomfort. If this resonates with you, then continue to read..

In the recent past, we have pushed our bodies to go forward and we kept engaging in activities that we had subconsciously established and now they become our habits. Our habits became so rooted that it created our current lifestyle and that lifestyle we had built became our character.

We had forced our bodies through our personal will to go and function in the superficial inorganic life. Often during our journey, we had looked for assistance and help from our medical community where we found that we were able to numb out loud voices that our bodies used to communicate.

Guess what? Do you find that the medical community and their aid isn't working as efficiently anymore? Do you feel and hear your body speaking to you more than ever before? Perhaps your emotions are becoming part of the orchestra and singing in your ears music that is hard to bear?

These simple examples are describing and validating your personal growth and your inevitable vibrational upgrade. Do you need more guidance? Then keep reading...

It is time for you to upgrade you personal will. Your personal will can only serve you in your personal life, with your personal agenda. Personal will is capable of many things like creating your habits and your lifestyle, but it is very limited. The personal will serves mainly the human needs, wants, and physical & tangible desires.

So what then? Lets talk about the spiritual will that is waiting to be re-awakened & activated. Your spiritual will will be activated with the desire for the greatest good for all of humanity and it is longing for its expression.

The spiritual will is the will of the higher self and it is connected to the Universal Mind.

When you cast the desire to experience this universal shift of consciousness you soon realize that this shift is not affecting just you, it isn't personal, it is global!!! The shift of consciousness is happening to your family in Germany or your friend in Australia. The Universal Mind (God, Energy, Source) doesn't know borders, and doesn't govern human created laws.

The Universal Mind is governed by the law of the Universe.

You will personally experience and feel that Universal laws co-exist and co-create with you when it is recognized in higher vibrations like neutrality, compassion, love, joy & peace.

So what happens to the personal will? Well, our personal will just gets an upgrade.

The key to these vibrational changes is to keep engaging with our own spiritual existence while we are pitching out our old stagnant energies. It is important to maintain our physical bodies in health so our bodies are able to remain open to receive the loving and peaceful energetic downloads.

This is the Journey Of You (JOY) that will guide you to your divine Truth.

With Love,

Lenka Schulze, Ph.D.


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