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Understanding Depression

Depression, anxiety, and panic attacks are not signs of weakness. They are

signs of trying to remain strong for far too long. -- Dave Hedges

Depression is a strong word. People don’t like to hear that they are depressed,

much less recognize that they are depressed. Yet the prevalence of depression

continues to skyrocket, indicating that not enough is being done to help and educate


Why do we feel depressed? What exactly is depression? We need to ask these

basic questions before blindly taking medications to alleviate it. Depression is another

word for very deep sadness. When we grieve the loss of a loved one, we are going

through a natural human process that is essential to fully heal. But when we don’t honor

our feelings of sadness by going through that grieving process with compassion and

love, the sadness becomes rooted within and becomes depression. Remember the

amazing Robin Williams? His career was to make people laugh and smile. But he was

not smiling inside. Like many, he was able to disguise his depression with superficial

smiles and laughter. But doing so is the very thing that will ensure its hold on your life.

Depression arises from anger over any number of situations, each as unique as

the individual. It could be the result of something you’ve lost, like a job or career, a

strained or failed relationship, or something not done. You may be living someone else’s

dreams and desires or supporting someone else's career and pushing yourself aside.

Maybe you are the caregiver for elderly parents or special needs children. Whatever the

cause, depression, which is actually depressed energy, is pushing down your spirit.

Your dreams and plans are being pressed down. Your inner child is being forgotten, and

your joyful spirit is not being expressed.

This is very serious and real grieving, and much harder to recognize and

articulate in modern medicine. Many people feel sad but don’t really know why. We may

often feel very alone. We may also feel tired, frustrated, anxious, unhappy, and unable

to sleep or have an interest in most things. Depression works to suppress our vital


In order to enter the pathway to healing, we first need to recognize and honor

our TRUE feelings. Then, we must be courageous enough to FEEL and nurture our

feelings without blocking them with masks or medication. The work is not easy but will

be self-affirming. Note: If you find you are clinically depressed, please seek medical

care immediately.

Below are some suggestions and resources to help you on your path to wellness.

- Make sure you get adequate levels of oxytocin, magnesium, taurine,

Vitamin D, and Vitamin B.

- Eat only real food, avoid junk food, alcohol, and smoking.

- Exercise daily! Dance, listen to elevated music, get a massage, energy,

go outside, and be in the sun for a few moments each day.

- Start a gratitude journal, practice forgiveness, and include daily prayer,

meditation, and yoga.

- Find your purpose that will lead you to joy.

- Try Tapping and EFT.

- Autogenic training: a meditation that bridges body functions under

conscious control and helps retrain the nervous system by helping

the brain change its structure and function.

- Transcutaneous Acupuncture created by Dr. Norman Shealy, to increase

oxytocin and DHEA hormone levels. (

- Fisher Wallace Home Brain Stimulator helps create feel-good hormones


Disclaimer: Before starting any remedies mentioned above, please consult with a medical professional


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