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Inviting Purity Into our Lives

Starting Fresh & Light

There is something very magical about the New Year and the New Moon as they sprout new beginnings, ideas, dreams, and goals. These sprouts need nutrition, a pleasant environment, dedication, and nurturing. Intention and focus also play a significant role in healthy growth.

As much as I can continue to write about the manifestation of your new beginning, I want to go further and share with you the importance of purity and cleanliness. While we are all well-versed in personal hygiene, many people are not aware of the pollution and debris that comes from the subtle world of thoughts and emotions. It is more about being spiritually clean.

This pollution manifests itself as drained vitality, heavy emotions, or simply just feeling “off”. An example I often use is when you are having a great day, you have a smile on your face, and you feel very energized. Then, a friend or family member calls you, you pick up the phone and chat. After 20 minutes of chatting, you hang up and “BAM!”. Perhaps you don't yet realize what happened to your “cool vibe” at that point. But at the end of the day, you're exhausted, easily triggered, and just drained.

HA! That exchange of energy you experienced over the phone happens to everyone all the time! It can go both ways; sometimes we are drained, sometimes we are the one draining others. But the important point is not about who drains whom. It is about understanding that we are here for each other. So let's flip the script around. Sometimes, we are the sunshine for others as we lift them up through the turmoil in their life, and sometimes others are there for us when we lose our footing from solid ground.

We are all connected, our energies weave through the air like the wind. We are all connected in this web of life. The web is not visible to the naked eye, but the subtle world is in constant communication with the environment. To be more precise: we are affected and imprinted by our environment with or without our conscious knowing. Fluorescent lights, a water fountain, the green sweater, your boss' sarcastic comments, the tv show you watch, the positive messages you hear from your yoga instructors, the apple watch you wear, or even the tattoo on your shoulder - everything is in constant communication and energy exchange. Everything translates into frequencies and ultimately into “resonance”.

So, you might ask: how do we get out of the exhaustive, drained feeling more organically and with more grace? Well, as we've learned before, we are part of oneness; we are part of nature. Actually, we are nature. Not only do we exchange energy with the elements - earth, water, air, fire, but we are co-creators with these elements. You might recognize how wonderful you feel when you spend time on the beach or swimming in the ocean. Some of us love to “feel” the forest while hiking or foraging. Sitting in front of a firepit and sharing past memories brings a calming effect to us as well. And the beautiful air element… wind... sweeping the old and bringing in the new…effortlessly.

These elements have always been around to assist us, to refuel us, to cleanse us. Many of us might resonate with this notion subconsciously as we light a candle, buy a bouquet of flowers, take a bath, or collect crystals and salt lamps as symbols of nature in our homes. This is how we shrug off the exhaustion.

As beings of nature, when we consciously invite this co-creating existence into our daily life, our interconnection and oneness will be more evident as we naturally expand the quality of our existence as well as the existence of everyone around us.

With Love

Lenka Schulze, Ph.D.

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