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HU man Emerging

During the last few hundred years we have evolved very little. Perhaps we became more comfortable and lazier due to technology and so called “education”. Indeed, we do include psychology into our existence to help us along, and also seek some explanation for our suffering through scientific facts. Still, as HU-man, we have evolved very little.

Yet in the last decades, we are seeing the rise of terms describing man as “being spiritual”. But as we have found out, in order to be spiritual, we must also embrace the existence of the Soul. The sense and meaning of spirituality changed from being a mysterious yet fulfilling aspect of our existence to an irresistible business opportunity for ambitious and clever minds. These clever minds may think they know what the terms spiritual and soul mean, but where is the Soul and the Spiritual in their sales pitch for human evolution?

The subject of Spirituality and the Soul may well be new to many, meaning they do not yet fully understand how to properly apply that understanding into daily life. But the shift in humanity is happening globally – we see and feel the energetic buzz and vivaciousness all around us. There is a New Consciousness rising with the new man in sight. It is indeed evolution, as each generation is birthing the newer version of our perfect self.

Just like any cycle of life, in order for something new to come in, something old has to die. And that is what we are experiencing - we are in the midst of birthing a New Consciousness and at the same time releasing the old consciousness. We are seeing collapse and death all around us as well as the sprouting of new ways of life. Every day, you might personally experience the symbolism of death like something that you are letting go of…perhaps it is old friends with whom you no longer have anything in common. Perhaps it is your dream job that doesn’t resonate with your current state of mind and doesn’t satisfy your creative self. Maybe what you are currently experiencing is more subtle, like starting a small garden instead of going to your weekly book meeting or dropping your monthly yoga membership as you embrace your newfound excitement in learning tai-chi.

The New Consciousness is here, and the old consciousness is on the way out, but we must still be aware. One thing we must all be concerned about is our Earth, the consciousness of creation itself. Life on Earth is here to sustain us and help us thrive during these stages of change. The old consciousness has the residue of the destruction of creative forces - of the feminine energy of Earth. The old consciousness lives in fear with a death wish for global suicide. The New Consciousness is rising with the solid belief of sprouting new life as the new man carries the consciousness of self-sufficient life. The new man has the consciousness of co-existence and co-creativity

with all forms of life. The new man is within every single one of us. The new man’s beliefs are rooted in love, not war. The new man is interested in being global, not political. The children of the new man rebel against old, oppressive consciousness. The New Consciousness is like an open window to receive the rays of life and of light.

The New Consciousness thrives in the freedom of self-expression and co-creation with Earth.

With Love,

Lenka Schulze, Ph.D.


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