What does Lenka offer?

Lenka offers a wide variety of state-of-the-art technology and equipment that enhances her services. Not only is the technology and equipment that Lenka offers extremely rare, but it allows her to offer an overall healing experience that few others in the world can offer. Read below to find out more about the equipment she has invested in for her clients. 

Sound Energy

Sound and music benefits the well being of our bodies and our minds, helping the body heal from mental stress and physical pain.  In the healing session Lenka is using Hemi-sync sound technology.  Hemi-sync is patented, scientifically and clinically proven audio guidance technology based on more than 50 years of research.  Specific sound patterns lead the brain to various states which helps with relaxation.  The result of healing session with Hemi-sync is focused, whole brain state known as hemispheric synchronization, where the left and right hemispheres are working together in a state of coherence. 

PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field)

Every cell in your body produces electromagnetic fields and in fact, cells communicate with each other using electromagnetic frequencies. When the body is injured—regardless of the cause—a disruption of the electromagnetic energy occurs and affects the cell’s ability to function. PEMF therapy uses electrical energy to send magnetic pulses through the body, penetrating cells, tissues and organs without being absorbed. Each pulse creates a tiny electrical signal that stimulates cells and allows them to reboot their chemical and electrical processes to function normally again. The result is better cellular health, function and energy, so the body can begin to repair itself without any further medical treatment.


PEMF Use in Treatments

PEMFs address impaired chemistry and thus the function of cells – which in turn, improves health. PEMFs deliver beneficial, health-enhancing EMFs and frequencies to the cells. Low frequency PEMFs of even the weakest strengths pass right through the body, penetrating every cell, tissue, organ and even bone without being absorbed or altered! As they pass through, they stimulate most of the electrical and chemical processes in the tissues. 

Crystal Light Healing Beds

Crystal healing bed is based on quantum resonance, divine intelligence. Crystal light therapy bed is a complementary therapy that uses color ( chromotherapy ) and with crystals to produce healing light that is filled with frequencies.


How are they used in Lenka's treatment?

A treatment session is very relaxing and comfortable. The client lies down on a massage table and is made very comfortable with pillows, a soft eye cover and a blanket. The seven clear quartz crystals suspended above the body emit the healing color, light and crystal frequencies, accompanied by soft music. The process opens, cleanses and balances your etheric field, raising the frequency of your energy bodies to enable a team of spiritual surgeons to perform deep healing work on all levels of your body, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The specific purpose of using a crystal light bed is to bring about electromagnetic balance within the body, to balance energy meridians and to create alignment between the physical body and the auric layers of our energy field. It is an ancient practice dating back to late Atlantis times, combining the power of color and crystal light frequencies using an array of specially cut and lighted quartz crystals. The application of light is then beamed through a lamp.

Biomat Healing Therapy

A BIOMAT is a unique device combining Far Infrared Rays (FIR), Negative Ions & Amethyst crystals to produce deep penetrating light energy and heat for a maximum sense of well being and healing experience.  When resting on the BIOMAT, you are receiving a molecular level massage, which may increased blood & lymph circulation, may maximize enzyme activity, may provide detoxification and may decrease acidity for more beneficial ph balance in the body.  Benefits may include boosted immune function, rejuvenation of skin, reduction of stress, fatigue, pain & swelling, balancing metabolism & weight loss, elevated energy & vitality, and increased deep delta state of relaxation.

What can I expect from a Biomat session?

While laying on the Bio-Mat you stay fully dressed in comfortable clothes.  Headphones are placed on your head and you will be taken through a relaxation meditation. This is followed by soft music and you may drift away for a while. Towards the end of your session a very soft voice will slowly bring you back into your body.  You will awake feeling relaxed, grounded and refreshed. Many clients describe this session as "the most relaxed they have ever been".